Experience the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief with Swedish massage. A traditional method of massage to improve circulation,  whilst relieving for the mind and body. 


Aqua Sea Salt Scrub  

Enhance the youthful, healthy glow of the skin. The salts create a deep pore cleansing from shoulders to toes, removing rough dry skin. Our uniquely Vichy style experience and steam capsule will leave you feeling smooth and refreshed. The perfect pre-massage treatment!

30 min / $80


Hydrating Cocoon 

Lie back, close your eyes and let the stress of the world just melt away, as your body is gently exfoliated with aromatic sea salts and smoothed in a Warm Hydrating gel mask. This cocoon will gently send out soft vapors of steam and jets of water to relax and soothe you, opens pores and helps penetrate the product further into the skin. Your skin will feel amazingly rejuvenated.



Detoxifying Sea Mud Pack 

The perfect way to achieve soft, silky skin and ease away muscle tension and mind clutter. Your treatment begins with aromatic sea salt scrub to remove dead skin cells, followed by an application of warm detoxifying mud which is rich in vitamins and minerals. You will then be enveloped in aromatic steam and a relaxing rain shower, whilst enjoying a scalp massage or facial massage. Leaving your entire body smooth and completely hydrated.



Back treatment 

A Facial for your back. This includes deep cleansing, exofiliation, steaming, removal of impurities and treatment mask.

40 min / $70



Egyptian Ear Candling

Ear Candling is an ancient technique that goes back thousands of years. The non-invasive technique that creates a gentle vacuum and literally removes debris and build up that lodges in the ears. This is excellent for sinus pain, clears ears and improves hearing. 

60 min / $70


Spray-on Tan

Incredible natural colour, odourless and no streaking. No alchohol perfumes or artifical preservatives.


Full Body


Half Body 





Rejuvenate mind, body & spirit with one of our body therapy treatments.


30 min / $50

45 min / $63

60 min / $75


Hot Stone Massage 

Ili ili stones is a unique form of hot stone massage, which combined with the powerful ancient philosophy of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, creates a deep experience of relaxation and integration. 

This beautiful treatment is able to address the many levels of healing necessary to restore balance in the body, mind and soul. By combining the long rhythmic strokes of a Hawaiian style massage with the gliding of hot stones along the body, this combination of stone bodywork and Hawaiian lomi lomi has made hot stone therapy one of the most requested massage treatments in spas and practices around the world.

90 Min / $130